About Us

Behind the Name

The name Atinary comes from the Spanish verb atinar, which means hit, as in hit the target. Our leading
 ML technology can hit targets ten to hundred times faster.

Our Commitment

We believe in a world where science and technology contribute to accelerating the transition
 to a sustainable planet and a circular economy.
We are committed to promoting global multi-disciplinary collaborations and partnerships that put cutting-edge scientific knowledge into action. We develop and deploy technologies that exponentially accelerate breakthrough discoveries and innovation.
Nature has inspired the discovery of many materials that have advanced humanity. From medicines – inspired by plant properties to solar panels – inspired by leaves. Yet, to date, only a small fraction of all possible materials have been explored.
Breakthrough materials are fundamental elements of cutting-edge technologies that are tackling some of humanity’s most pressing challenges, including climate change, renewable energy, and future pandemics.

Our Vision

Democratize ML and make materials discovery exponentially faster to tackle humanity’s biggest challenges. We make ML accessible in a few clicks and deploy Self-Driving Labs™ at scale with an integrated platform.

Our Mission

Accelerate process optimization and R&D of breakthrough materials and molecules.

Why does accelerated materials discovery matter?

Accelerating R&D matters because materials are essential to improve our lives and tackle some of humanity’s biggest challenges. For example, better materials are key to reduce pollution and address climate change, and to improve health. We need better materials to get rid of microplastics and to develop:


more affordable batteries that last 
longer and are not toxic


more efficient solar cells that can 
be deployed everywhere


more effective carbon capture use and
sequestration tech
Similarly, to discover new medicines and vaccines, we need to find the optimal conditions to hit the right molecules. Fortunately, there are more molecules and materials waiting to be found than visible stars in a starry night, or grains of sand on Earth. Thus, the opportunity is immense!


Our founders have worked together for four years developing the technology. They published test cases, including solar cell optimization, and catalyst discovery, in top peer-reviewed journals.

Hermann Tribukait, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO
economist, entrepreneur and expert in innovation
and cleantech development.


Loic Roch, PhD

Co-Founder & CTO
Chemist, entrepreneur and expert in AI for materials discovery, 
software design, and autonomous experimentation.
The multidisciplinary team includes software developers, data scientists, ML experts, chemists and chemical engineers, plus three world-class scientists (Horst Simon, Joshua Schrier and Alex Norquist) as members of the Scientific Advisory Board. In addition, we also collaborate with Mario Schlener, Jorge Borbolla and Jordi Argente as general advisor.